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  • LED lighting Pproducts and Lighting design to save up to 90% on energy costs
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  • Solar Panel Systems for your home and business
  • Low carbon electricity and hot water from a gas-powered BlueGen Fuel Cell
  • EnviroShop's online Eco Store. Huge range of energy saving, water saving and waste saving products.
  • Professional Energy Assessment complete with recommended solutions
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%
  • Free Hot Water from the sun for up to 80% of the year
  • Solar Heating and Cooling for as little as 10c per day


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Energy. Efficiency.

EnviroGroup is a specialist provider of renewable energy products and systems for commercial applications, government clients and residential home owners.

Founded in 2004, EnviroGroup is a leading authority in sustainable technology, with a team of expert engineers and installers delivering projects Australia wide. In addition, its retail division EnviroShop offers a large range of equipment, services and sustainability products to a growing client base.

Mission Statement

EnviroGroup aims to facilitate and promote environmental sustainability by providing cost effective, eco-friendly products and services to all. EnviroGroup’s passion for assisting and encouraging customers in their journey towards sustainable living drives every element of their business.  


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Solar Whiz Solar Ventilation System

More effective than 15 Whirly-Bird roof ventilators

Solar Whiz Solar Roof Ventilation to keep your roof cool in summerThe Solar Whiz is a solar powered roof ventillation system that actively pumps hot air out of your roof 15 times faster than a traditional Whirly-Bird.

100% Solar Powered with $0 running costs, the Solar Whiz is amazingly simple and incredibly effective. Don't spend another summer without it!


Installing a Solar PV System is now considered a "no-brainer"

sustainability An article on RenewEconomy argues that rooftop solar is a "no-brainer" that has the potential to generate enough electricity to take entire suburbs off the grid...



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Complete Food Services Preston – 200kW

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Upcoming Sustainability Events

ecochallenge02EnviroShop is running some free information sessions on solar and how to make your house more sustainable.